Straight Perm – Thermal Reconditioning

New Treatment Method Added
Keratin Straightperm Added

A new system has been added to our list of treatments. We now customize treatments according to your specific hair condition.

The same hair treatments cannot always have the same result, because the condition of each person's hair changes all the time.

For those who come in for retouches usually notice that their ends seem to be drier as time goes by. Our keratin new treatment does an amazing job to put this moisture back into the hair follicles.

Most deep treatments will last only a couple of days because it cannot penetrate deep into the hair. With the cuticles open our deep keratin treatment can penetrate and become locked in to the hair. Our new keratin treatment will last up two months.

To see the normal straight perm process
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To see the process for extra frizzy hair
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A procedure that changes your natural curly, wavy or frizzy hair into natural, shiny, straight hair permanently.

Our procedure takes around 3-5 hours to do, depending on your hair condition.

We do not use chemical relaxer and we do not damage your hair in anyway. Your hair's results will look and feel healthier.

We take pride in being experienced in the Los Angeles area. We have been doing the straight perm for over 13 years and are very confident with every straight perm we do. If we think we can't do your hair, we will let you know. We do not want to damage any person's hair. We know how important hair is.

We use a special perm solution from Japan. This solution opens the cuticles of your hair. Then we use special made straightening irons, which is the most important process to give you beautiful silky hair. Finally we use a neutralizer and this locks in the whole process. Each step has its own timing, and is why it takes so long. We will also dry your hair and show and explain how to make your perm last.