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We have opened a new school

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To our exsisting customers, we want to extend a special student pricing using the same solution

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Straight Perm Beauty School

We are now offering advance training course for cosmetogist in straightperm, classes will be every monday (excluding holidays)

Classes start at $500 for one day

  • Starter kit included
  • 2 solution (6 people application)
  • 1 specialized amino acid shampoo
  • 1 mask as a finishing

Class will be 8 hours from 9am – 5pm.
Students must bring one model (friend or family) to class to learn.

For questions or inquiries, please send us an email at: straightperm@yahoo com

Our Treatments

Straight Perm

Properly called thermal reconditioning – Also known as Japanese hair straightening, magic perm, ionic retexturizing perm, thermal restructing, bionic and rebonding. This is the safest treatment to get your hair permanently straightened.

Thermal Reduction

Thermal Reduction: A procedure that decreases your natural curl into a loose wave.

Hair Extensions

Using 100% human hair – Great way to cover a unwanted hairstyle. Creates beautiful length and volume. Our technique gives you simplicity and low maintenance.

Wave Perm

We do all kinds of perms, from tight curls to loose waves. Recently the wave perms have more control and less frizz.

Custom Hairpieces

Great for men and women who want to cover up or have more volume on the crown. It is custom made to fit your head and hairstyle. This is not a glue and tape method. The hairpiece is attached to your existing hair with special rings that hold and never fall out.

New Treatment now offered
Thermal Reduction: A procedure that decreases your natural curl into a loose wave

We simply recondition the hair and thermally lessen or reduce your untamable curl. This process uses a mild perm solution that does not harm the hair and a special deep – conditioning method that keep the hair soft and light.

The procedure may take 2-4 hours depending on your hair condition.

Everyone has different textures and hair condition so the results are not always the same.

This perm can last over a year due to the blending of your hair growth.

Consultation is a must. This may not be suited for all types of curls.

Our Straight Perm is not a chemical relaxer.

It will not damage colored or highlighted hair.

Read some of the comments and reviews of the people who have already tried this truly magical treatment

Naturally frizzy, curly, or kinky hair turns into silky straight hair. No need to blow-dry.

Perm lasts 6 months to 1 year.