Straight Perm – FAQ

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  • What is the Japanese Straight Perm?
    The Japanese Straight perms uses new products and special irons to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair. For the best results, the new technology and techniques require an experienced professional. This process is known as Thermal Reconditioning. The Japanese Straight Perm uses new products and special iron to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy hair.

  • What's the difference between the Japanese Straight Perm and a chemical relaxer?
    Chemical relaxers unfortunately do not straighten hair very well, and they use chemical ingredients that leave the hair brittle, dry, and unhealthy. The Japanese Straight Perm gives you soft, silky, shiny, straight hair. And, you hair will be healthier!

  • What's the Cost?
    Including a haircut, and Protein conditioning Treatment, the Japanese Straight Perm should cost between $250 and up depending on length.

  • How much does it cost to re-touch?
    A retouch is a harder process, which requires a lot more care, thus the charge is the same.

  • When I get the new growth treated, do I need to do all the hair again?
    Only the roots will need the Japanese Straight Perm treatment, while the ends will not. The ends will receive a "protection" coating, to avoid unnecessary contact with the perm solution. Also, the end will get a special conditioning treatment.

  • What about color-treated/highlighted/beached hair?
    The most important consideration is your hair condition. Honestly not all highlighted or bleached hair can be done. You must go in for a consultation to get you hair checked.

  • I already use a Chemical Relaxer. Can I still have this process done for my hair?
    A lot depends upon the condition of your hair. Unfortunately, repeated use of a relaxer will usually cause significant damage to the hair. If you've had very limited exposure to a relaxer, it will be no problem to have this process done.

  • What if I want more body, or other styles after I have the treatment done?
    You'll be able to style your hair any way you like. The good news is, if you don't want to take the time to style your hair, you'll still have smooth, straight hair. It's best to wait about a week after the treatment before trying new styles.

  • Is there a less expensive alternative?
    There is another alternative, but there is no guarantee coming out silky straight.

  • After I have the Japanese Straight Perm, can I color or highlight my hair?
    Yes, you can color and highlight your hair after the treatment. One important consideration, though that some color and highlight processes can damage your hair more than you might expect. To keep your hair healthy, use gentler products, and consider getting only a few highlights, on the top, rather than all over.

  • What about short hair?
    Although the process works for short hair, too, I recommend that you hair be at least 8 inches long. As the roots grow out, longer hair will have the weight to pull them straight for a while. Short hair will be harder to style in the future.

  • Will I still need to blow dry my hair after the treatment?
    Generally, you can expect to let your hair air dry, with great results.

  • Does this damage my hair?
    Blow drying, brushing, and using a flat iron on a regular basis are all damaging to your hair. After have a properly performed Japanese Straight Perm, you won't need to use these strong methods to style your hair the way you like. This way, over time, and given the proper care, your hair is likely to get healthier. Remember also that starting with healthy hair makes a tremendous difference. Expect that your hair will be as healthy after the process as when you first come to the salon. This process is not meant to repair damaged hair.

    Of course, any chemical treatment will have an effect on your hair. This is why it's very important to only consider using the best-quality products, in the right mix, with the most up-to-date technique and procedures. To be sure you only receive the best possible treatment.

  • Why have some people had bad experiences with this procedures?
    The Japanese Straight Perm is one of the most difficult procedure to do. Experience is the most important for the specialist.

  • How can I make an appointment?
    Call 213-387-3040