About US

Our salon has now opened with a more spacious environment and more seats available for customers.

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We carry the most advanced technology specifically designed to improve the look and health.

The ionizing machine carries negative ions pushed out with air and stream. This will cause the hair to neutralize and positively charge the hair.

The hair cuticle will now be opened, so far perms, color, and other types of treatment are added to the hair to give a nice balance to the hair.

This machine produces minerals and kills bacteria build up on scalp which creates a fresh shine to the hair.

This machine replicates the jungle's waterfall mist, which carries negative ions.

Our Professinal Staff

All about Victoria
Graduated from Vidal Sasson Beauty School

She has been a perm specialist for 15 years

Victoria always analyzes her client's hair condition before perming.

Victoria is the only one who can make color or bleached hair into silky straight hair.

After the addition of her Hair Extension service, she has now become a leading expert in Hair Extensions to enhance the natural beauty of existing hair.

Victoria practices the martial art of Kumdo (The way of the sword).
This is one of Victoria's many talents.

If you are insterested in practicing the art of Kumdo, please contact Master Moon's Dojang in Santa Monica at 213-365-9400
All about Helen
Graduated from Vidal Sassoon. Trained under the best Stylist in L.A. for many years. Specializing in Extensions and blow-outs. Love to style hair and talk (gossip ).

With years of experience and a desire for everyone to look their best, Helen can only provide the best possible service to each and every customer.

All about Joon
Coming soon!!